In NArFU open Arctic Space Monitoring Center and Center for Research Forest

Northern Arctic Federal University (Safa, Arkhangelsk), the only university in the Russian Arctic region, was founded only a year ago. He combined several universities, research institutes and enterprises of Arkhangelsk and the region.

One of the important structures of Safa was the Arctic Space Monitoring Center, established at the Institute of Informatics and Space Technology.


At the heart of the Centre’s work — domestic technology acquisition and processing of remote sensing "UniScan-36", which is the creator of the Research and Development Center "RDC".Sight range of the station "UniScan-36" installed in Safa is 3500 km.


The objectives of the Centre are to oversee the ice conditions in the Barents Sea, the flood situation on the Northern Dvina, cloud cover, atmospheric phenomena, the temperature of the Arctic Ocean, farmland, forest fires and other natural disasters in the region.


"We can see the ice conditions and across the Northern Sea Route, and even in the Bering Strait," — said the director of the Center Sergei Koposov. In such operational information needed meteorologists, Forestry Agency, Ministry of Emergency Situations, sea ports — have signed a number of contracts with these organizations. Collected from the monitoring data will also be used to compile and update the maps, digital elevation models.

According to Sergei Koposova, Center for Space Monitoring of the Arctic in Safa — the only one that works on the basis of technology UniScan-36, allowing to carry out the survey in a radius of 3500 km. Data Center is immediately to the six spacecraft operating in different wave bands and providing information of different levels of detail (from 20 m to 0.7 m) — this satellite EROS, SPOT-4, SPOT-5, RADARSAT-1, RADARSAT-2 , Terra / Aqua.

The plans of the center — the creation of an inter-university network geoportals UniGeo and laboratory UAVs for additional optical observations. Because of space over the region, where only 22 sunny days, see the objects of interest is not always possible (in this case, however, help to radar observations with RADARSAT-1, RADARSAT-2).

According to the head of the Center for the Study of forests NArFU Dmitry Trubina, illiterate forest management in recent years and the lack of information about their condition led to the fact that large areas of virgin forest in the basin of the Northern Dvina River drying up, logging has declined sharply. "It used to map the forest, copied, as in the past 7 years after the adoption of the new Forest Code do not. And what happens to the forest, where he withered away, where burned where conduct illegal logging — is unknown, — says Dmitry TRUBIN. — In part, this information can help desolation created by the University Center for the study and monitoring of forests. " Now the Center’s specialists update the database on forests, develop a digital map of forest cover. A program of recognition of the results of satellite imagery of the forest fund in-line, by means of which, according to Dmitry TRUBIN, you can see where the fires occur and what areas where conduct illegal logging, where the wood dried out, and even what kinds of trees grow, what their age, height, diameter. So — to assess forest reserves.

Safa leadership hopes that their forest research center will be the most powerful among all the similar Russian centers. It should be noted, plans NArFU generally so vast that literally dazzling. This, for example, the creation of their own small aircraft, including research, resuscitation and modernization of existing regional airports (which has already been purchased special equipment), the introduction of its own broadband wireless communication activities on monitoring and diagnostics of pipelines, underground electrical cables and equipment (purchased equipment for inspection); launch production of electronic devices, the acquisition of enterprises, conducting geological surveys, including the organization of core storage.

In order to solve scientific problems and counting large amounts of data acquired university supercomputer, has opened a center of scientific equipment for collective use "Arctic", created 5 innovative small businesses. In just the past year NArFU acquired scientific equipment in the amount of 760 million rubles.

Author: Tatiana Zimin

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