In Nesterov (Kaliningrad region). Opened sports complex

May 18 in the Kaliningrad region Nesterov opening a sports complex "Salute".

At the opening of the sports complex in Nesterov came Governor Nikolai Cukanov and chairman of the regional Duma Marina Orhei. This is the first municipality in the sports complex. In this still Nesterovskiy district was the only municipality in the region, where there were no such sports facilities. 

Meanwhile, about three thousand residents are actively engaged in physical exercise. Many of them came to the opening of the fitness center. It is planned to open a section in gymnastics, basketball, volleyball, tennis and combat sports. At least 300 people will be able to attend classes in physical education, also plans to set up on the basis of a municipal sports center for children and youth sports school.

Together with the residents of the district Cukanov Nicholas visited the new sports complex, was in the gym hall for team sports. In the chess hall of the governor played in the party with the local chess player.

The head of the district Oleg Kutin said that the opening of the sports complex in the area waiting for a long time, and thanked the provincial government for its support during its creation.

Nicholas Cukanov noted that sports complex will please young and older residents. "The decision to build a sports complex Nesterov was made one and a half years ago. The cost of the sports center was more than 23 million rubles. Of these, about 18 million rubles allocated regional government, "- said Nikolai Cukanov. He also noted the assistance of the deputy of the State Duma of the Kaliningrad region Natalia Burykina, which attracted the sponsorship of the construction of the sports complex. The Governor wished nesterovtsam new sporting success.

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