In Nikolayev (Volgograd region). Refurbished opened a kindergarten for 183 places


January 20, Nikolayev a kindergarten "Firefly." In his story, this is the second discovery. Last year, he found himself in an emergency situation that joint efforts could cope in the short term.

Less than a year ago, this building is threatened with collapse. The substitution of melt-water foundation. The walls began to crack, slab lopsided. Being in the building had become dangerous. But this is a kindergarten.

163 children lost their kindergarten and were immediately re-allocated to other preschools. And now the "Firefly" again opened its doors to kids. And about him even lay down their song:

— The roof was leaking, the walls are cracked. And we decided very adult men, which should help the kids. Start of the project, cost estimates, meetings, where to get the money to build a kindergarten.

And the facilities found. Regional Emergency Commission has decided to allocate more than six million rubles from the reserve fund. Do not stay aside and Regional Duma.

The builders had a major overhaul. The walls and the foundation thoroughly fortified, floors and windows replaced, the facade — like new. Missed ten million rubles. The MPs are happy with how diligently and effectively used budget.

Returning like in the old wall, kindergarten staff believe that it is a housewarming present.

Hope Bozhko, head of d / s "Firefly": "We did not have such beauty, warmth, do not believe that the old, for us it is like a new home."

Moreover, this renovated house has become even greater. Due to the device in the former utility room bedrooms, a garden has 20 seats more.

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