In Nizhny Novgorod built the palace of justice


This was announced today at a press briefing said the chairman of the Nizhny Novgorod regional court Anatoly Bondar.

Work on the preparation of construction is actively underway, — Said Anatoly Bondar. — The building, which now houses the regional court, a beautiful, but small in size. There are regulations, according to which a single federal judge should be not less than 300 square meters, respectively, we need building within 35-36 thousand square meters. I believe that the capital of the Volga Federal District has the right to have his palace of justice. This topic has already been discussed with the Governor Valery Shantsev. As soon as it will be allocated a plot of land to start construction.

Anatoly Bondar said that in the near future will be a number of innovations that have to do a more effective job of judges.

— Recently, we discussed the case, which drove out of the district court in the regional and forth for four years, — Said Anatoly Bondar. — This tape should not be.

According to Anatoly Bondar, the judges will help the new federal law number 433 and number 353, which are aimed at optimizing the timing of cases. In addition, in the Nizhny Novgorod region are preparing their program to eliminate malosostavnyh vessels and redistribution of judicial vacancies.

— The quality of the work of judges depends on the load, the regional average for each judge has 40 cases, — Said Anatoly Bondar. — But if you look in detail, it appears that in the near Tonshaevskom one judge has 104 cases, and in the Tonkin — a total of 16 cases. In this case, the judges of the same salary. This is unfair and irrational.

Anatoly Bondar said that, despite all the changes and the elimination of malosostavnyh courts, none of district judges without their remains.

Albina Makarova, Nizhny Novgorod

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