In Nizhny Novgorod, launched a second plant to disinfect tap water ultrofioletom

October 19, 2011 has been started work shop on ultraviolet disinfection of water in the waterworks "Crimson Ridge."

The head of administration, Oleg Kondrashov using the computer has put in place the installation, after which, together with the CEO "Nizhny Novgorod water utility" Alexander Bayer tried with tap water that has passed a multi-stage purification system. Commissioning of the UV installation has completed a program of modernization of drinking water treatment systems mountainous part of Nizhny Novgorod. Since 2012, the city administration and JSC "Nizhny Novgorod water utility" will begin a program of modernization Sormovskaya waterworks.

The first UV-station in Nizhny Novgorod was put into operation on the a / c "Sludinskaya" in 2009 UV disinfection is performed on the last step of the purification of water — just before serving the consumer.

— Already, 99.7% of the residents of Nizhny Novgorod receive high-quality drinking water. This is higher than the average in Russia and the million cities, but we should not dwell on it. Our task — to keep pace with technological advances. So today we are looking at various options for the modernization of the object with the installation of ozone and ultraviolet water treatment, — said Oleg Kondrashov.

In Nizhny Novgorod, the second such workshop, consisting of three sets (first put into operation at the waterworks "Sludinskaya" in 2009). Before the water in the houses there is an additional disinfection using ultraviolet radiation produced by the amalgam germicidal lamps.

This technology allows us to increase the barrier role of treatment facilities — UV irradiation prevents the development of pathogenic micro-organisms. The maximum capacity of the station UFO is 200,000 cubic meters of water per day.

According to the General Director of JSC "Nizhny Novgorod water canal" Alexander Bayer in the construction of the station has invested 100 million, 70 million of them — the cost of the equipment.

— It is important that the UV water treatment to avoid uncontrolled effects. For example, when cleaning the chlorine in the water can form various compounds, which can then come into flat Nizhny Novgorod. Here it is completely ruled out. Water is fed into the mountainous part of the pipe, cleaned up to 10 times better than that required by the most stringent Pure Water — Alexander Beyer.

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