In Nizhny Novgorod, learned how to grow neurons


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In the laboratory of cell technologies Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy learned to grow neurons on special matrices that allows you to "snoop" for the development of the brain. The campaign "Pharmaceutical Bulletin"Referring to the directress of the central research laboratory of the Research Institute of Applied and Fundamental Medicine (Research Institute of PFM), Ph.D., Professor Irina Mukhina.

NizhGMA developments in this field are interested in high-tech centers, scientists in Japan, Italy and Germany, the press service of the Academy.

"We combine live and electronic neurons, receiving animats or bio-robots. Such neyroelektronnye systems are needed for understanding the functioning of brain cells, which further allows you to create high-tech prostheses, controlled bioelectronics ", — said Irina Mukhina.

Recall that in the Nizhny Novgorod November 9, solemn opening Institute "Institute of Living Systems" — project implemented in collaboration with scientists in the NizhGMA megagranta Russian Government.

A key task neuroscience center and team headed by Professor Irina Mukhina is to identify the mechanisms and principles of the brain (from molecular basics to the cognitive functions), the development of neuromorphic intelligence, creating computer reconstructions and virtual networks of the brain, and neurointerfaces neyroupravlyaemyh robots. The center — about a dozen different laboratories.

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