In Nizhny Tagil opened a modern dialysis center

The dialysis center in Nizhny Tagil built as part of the modernization program of the health system of the Middle Urals. Earlier in the region have been completed on the outpatient dialysis center: in Ekaterinburg and asbestos. In total, in the Sverdlovsk region in the current year will be a network of 11 outpatient dialysis centers, where 176 vehicles will set "artificial kidney".   

Introduced complex consists of 29 dialysis places. Every year it will be held 27 000 174 for hemodialysis patients. Opening of the medical establishment — the result of partnership between government and private business. At each treatment the state allocates a person with chronic renal failure 4006 rubles, and quality health care and comfort to patients LTD provides the "Fund" Juno. "


The project to create dialysis clinics support Ural Pharmaceutical Cluster, and whose enterprises have mastered the production of an artificial kidney machines, and supplies for them. Equipment that performs all of these challenges are not made abroad, and in the Sverdlovsk region — in Novoural’sk. 

On NOVOURALSK plant "Dizet" in 2006 started the production of liquid and dry dialysis concentrates for the treatment of chronic renal failure. In 2007 began production of the artificial kidney "Malachite" and water treatment systems "Juno AQUA" cooking modules and centralized distribution of dialysis concentrate.

plant "Dizet ‘(PHOTOS)

To date, the only Novouralsk plant in Russia to mass production of the artificial kidney. "Malachite" — Russian product, but the "roots" of his Japanese.

— For its production agreement with a Japanese company that produces a dialysis technique, — said the technical director of the holding "Juno" Igor Buchinskiy. — Foreign partners have evaluated the technical idea of our engineers who have made their design ideas, important to them and the Russian market, and collaboration enabled us to produce equipment European level

While used in hemodialysis dialysis filter (dialyzer) in Japan, but in the nearest future novouraltsev — develop and manufacture this product. Almost ready for implementation in production and new vehicle "Malachite-2", the third component is different from the base model.








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