In Nizhny Tagil presented (BMPT) Terminator 2

Tank support combat vehicle (BMPT) "Terminator 2" has a very high export potential, and its world premiere at the exhibition in Nizhny Tagil was successful.

"The world premiere of BMPT-72" Terminator 2 "was successful today. Russian army this machine was needed for about 20 years. Especially if you remember the heavy fighting during the storming of Grozny in December 1994 — January 1995, when needed the support of tanks "- said Rogozin.

The vice-premier, BMPT-72 is designed to support the tanks, but the range of application is much wider.

The machine is designed, "Uralvagonzavod". According to the corporation, is a revolutionary modernization of the world-famous T-72 tank. In the course of creating BMPT-72 was taken into account the experience of creating and using BMPT, who for their firepower was nicknamed "The Terminator."

Previous modification of the war machine before, two years ago, has already exhibited, but was not quite understood by foreign partners. But after, the first delivery of this technology abroad, the situation has changed. "There were supplies" Terminator "foreign partners who have shown that the machine actually responds to its name as a tank support combat vehicle," — said the deputy general director of "Rosoboronexport" Igor Sevastyanov.

As a basic model, "Terminator 2" is able to effectively meet the challenges of the fire support of tanks and infantry in all kinds of combat operations in complex geographical areas, at any time, against any opponent. Among the differences from the previous model — improved fire control system and protection of the combat unit of the tower.

BMPT-72, emphasize the representatives of "Uralvagonzavod", provides a unique opportunity for all countries, which is armed with the most modern mass tank T-72, quickly and cost-effectively transform its army into a super-modern without having to buy expensive new cars, making it a powerful, mobile , a highly secure and well-armed.

Fire fighting vehicle tank support a high level of protection, firepower and control. It is able to fight with tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and other armored targets of the enemy, the attacks of low-flying aircraft and helicopters, to destroy the pillbox, and hit the infantry that applies grenade launchers and anti-tank systems.

A distinctive feature of the BMPT are vserakursny protection, highly effective search and target detection, automated fire control system and a multi-armed with more ammunition.

In the arsenal BMPT there are two 30-mm automatic cannon and paired them with 7.62-mm machine gun, two 30-mm automatic grenade launcher, four supersonic missiles, a large ammunition for automatic weapons.

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