In Norilsk, has opened a new children’s garden

During Vladimir Putin’s visit to Norilsk, held in 2010, was signed a quadripartite agreement on the construction of several DESK gardens in the city. Otmchechu that the construction of these nurseries are regularly discussed in the local media, but the name of Vladimir Putin in this regard is almost never mentioned. And now, this week, one of the kindergartens takes the first pupils. Next quote a text about this event, written broadcasting company "Norilsk":

"Already at the door for a surprise baby — modern cartoon characters — Panda Bear, Superman and Batman. Together with children, they take the first step into a new group and help them get started. Children adapt very quickly, and it surprises parents at the same time happy.
 Tereshina Irina, mother of a kindergarten pupil "Severok": "I led today Vadimchika son, he four years. We are very happy and excited.’s So beautiful here, colorfully! Come and immediately improves mood. Child is having fun came, though I have it hard adapted. "

Alina and Daniel Sibiryakovs, Mom and Dad kindergarten pupils’ Severok ":" Impressions are great. New garden, power light, kind, encouraging. As home after repairs. We were well met. We are very satisfied with the teacher, and the manager, all the staff " .

Moms and dads are trying to consider all the details — they are impressive bunk bed in the master bedroom, spacious rooms with panoramic windows groups, soft and safe modules, the overall technical equipment. Children, of course, see things differently — in their view — a lot of toys, plenty of books, designers and thematic corners. And while the boys considered new cars and airplanes, the girls prepared breakfast dolls.

Cyrus Ahaev, 4 years: "I will treat the dolls meat bun and that this pizza."

Sasha Pchelkina, 3 years: "It is good. Like here in the garden."

"Severok" for 300 children, only 12 will function groups, each designed for 25 people. The first 40 kids so far only distributed in three groups. Thus for a while occupancy will be small. Work with children will be teachers of the highest category. 12 experts invited to the kindergarten program of scarce jobs from other regions. Among them Olga Latyntseva. In Norilsk she came from Togliatti. Teaching experience — 12 years.

Olga Latyntseva, a kindergarten teacher "Severok": "Every person who came to a new place, of course, does not feel confident. We’ve made friends, got along well. Babes adapted already feel confident. I have never seen such a very good children’s gardens, where and material resources are very rich and young teaching staff. I like it here very much. "

One of the priorities of the garden — the physical development of children. They will engage in sports daily. For them, dance hall, athletics arena and a sports hall with Olympic symbols.

Anna Poteyko, head of the kindergarten "Severok": "The idea of design of the hall is dedicated to the Olympic Games. Such an idea I came up on vacation. Reflected in our room 12 sports and mascots of the Sochi Games."

Twice a week the children will visit the pool. It is equipped with a self-cleaning system. No smell of chlorine — it was replaced by modern reagents. Are provided in the "Severka" and recovery rooms. It has a large baby stroller porch and aesthetic center with karaoke and theater studio. And in the winter garden kids will watch the plants, in the long term will grow marigolds and petunias for landscaping. Monitor the safety and protection of children is all-seeing eye. On the territory of the institutions set up 16 cameras.

Elena Ustomova, Alexey Demin. "

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