In northern latitudes, GLONASS works better than GPS

The Swedish company Swepos, national network of reference stations of the satellite providing position data in real time, said that in the northern latitudes, GLONASS works better than GPS, according to Reuters.

Satellite data obtained through the reference stations Swepos, provides companies with solutions for applications requiring precise coordinates: for example, for surveying services, making geographic databases, the study of crustal movements with precision.

"She (the GLONASS system — approx. CNews) works a little better in the northern latitudes because its orbit satellites are located above and we see them better than satellite GPS», — said the deputy head of the division of geodetic research Swepos Bo Jonsson (Bo Jonsson) . He also noted that 90% of their customers are using GLONASS in combination with the GPS.

It is worth noting that the Russian navigation system uses a Swedish company for several years: in 2006 the chain consisted of 120 Swepos collectively stations GLONASS receivers and GPS.

About two weeks ago, visited the office Swepos Russian Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov, who flew to Sweden to participate in a bilateral committee on economic cooperation.

Last week, the head of the Federal Space Agency Anatoly Perminov at a meeting with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said that Sweden has "completely turned" on GLONASS. "Why? Because in northern countries GLONASS has an advantage over GPS, — Perminov, quoted by Reuters. — The Americans themselves will be forced to use it at northern latitudes. "

Earlier, U.S. officials have said they are considering the possibility of using GLONASS and other satellite systems in addition to a GPS for public use, including — for internal security, for example, in the aviation industry.

To date, work in orbit 23 satellites GLONASS. For global coverage to 24 satellites. Until the end, Putin demanded bring the number of satellites in the constellation to 29-30.

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