In northern Nigeria recorded flood

In northern Nigeria recorded flood Natural Disasters

Virtually all African state of Nigeria is suffering because of the floods, which occur alternately in its different states. At this time, could not avoid the sad fate of the northern state of Taraba and where in the flooded villages killed at least 19 people.

As the representative of the Ministry for Emergency Situations of Nigeria at a press conference in the state capital, the Jalingo, fatal cases were reported in eight counties. Water damaged more than 80,000 staff arable land, more than 28 thousand people have refugee status or missing after floods. Among other things, not less than 10 million homes destroyed, livestock losses are about 3 thousand.

Damaged or completely washed away by the building of shops, schools, churches, health centers, water supply systems and bridges. While not known where to begin recovery of the local infrastructure, the Bole that meteorologists give a poor prognosis and are confident that the showers will intensify. Minister of Environment of Nigeria strongly recommended that people living near the rivers to move to a safer place.

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