In Nosibirskoy gathered the best in the field of Russian harvest of flax

Novosibirsk region was the first in the country in terms of yield of flax, the Minister of Agriculture of the Novosibirsk region Georgy Ivashchenko.

"In terms of production of flax in this year, we still others give in Vologda and Altai. And the yield — the first. Since 5815, we ha procured more than 100 tons of flax. 300 tons — for the implementation of high-quality seeds, " — Said George Ivashchenko.

Maslyaninsky area Noovsibirskoy area

According to the minister, the richest harvest gathered Maslyaninsky and Isktitimsky areas.

"Maslyaninsky flax plant, which we launched — an advanced manufacturing. Such plants until the three in Europe — one in France, Germany, in one, one in Maslyanino. The Ministry of Agriculture has already generates distribution list for good prices. Novosibirsk region is to supply flax seeds to other regions, and we are ready for that, " — Said George Ivashchenko.

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