In Novocherkassk developed a suit for training pilots on the ground

Novocherkassk trenazherostroiteli made the next step in the training program for pilots to work in open space.

Already prepared a special suit that simulates the movement in the vacuum of space in three directions.

A similar system is used in the Moscow center of the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training, but it works only in one dimension — up and down, Novocherkassk scientists have gone further — you can train the astronauts in three planes. In such circumstances, work out or moving multi-ton loads, for example, an artificial satellite.

 The new system Novocherkassk trenazherostroiteley seemingly simple — hanging on the winch suit. In fact — a new word in the training of astronauts to work outside the space station. Interactive simulator — sensors are sensitive to any change in the position of the operator in the space. Everything is immediately sent to the console.

Experts suggest: now the system is at rest, but the force of the winch equal to the weight suit, so it is in a floating state. Weight suit 140 pounds, but a few hundred grams is enough to unbalance.

General Director and General Designer of the center trenazherostoroeniya and training Valentin Shukshunov notes that this system will allow astronauts to prepare for work in low Earth orbit, the Moon, Mars and asteroids.

Handy simulator and on the ground — in kosmoparkov for children. It clearly shows how hard work of the astronaut. Scientists believe that the development will be in demand at the global level, however, it will have to add another coordinate — the so-called "zaklonenie" — the incline of the astronaut. But it’s a matter of time.

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