In Novokievskaya of ridges (Amur region). Opened kindergarten

Kindergarten for 80 kids opened in Novokievskaya bear away. To overhaul the building of the former School of Arts, the authorities took two years and about 13 million rubles. In fact, it opened three weeks ago, but cut the ribbon and give gifts to the establishment decided later. Now turn in kindergartens in Novokievskaya uvalami not.

As told the AP in the district administration in this building originally housed a kindergarten. About ten years ago the need for it has disappeared, and the room was given to the School of the Arts. Two years ago, the problem of the lack of pre-school in the village became apparent, and decided to rehabilitate the garden.

Funds for capital repairs and decoration sought within the framework of regional and district programs targeted for education. Total for this purpose from all budgets allocated about 13 million rubles. Over two million the district administration has added to furniture, toys, utensils, and other needs that are not included in the construction documents.

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