In Novokuznetsk began work car-repair depot

In Novokuznetsk built private car-repair depot, the third in the Asian part of Russia. February 21 opening ceremony of car repair depot «Siberian Vagonoremontnaya Company" ("ICMS"), a subsidiary of a major rail carrier, LLC "ZapSib-Transservice." New large-scale enterprise was built from the ground up "turnkey" in less than two years.

The depot is conveniently located on the territory of "Evraz ZSMK" — a strategic partner "ZapSib-Transservice." Under the high roof of industrial shops depot, where still smelled of fresh paint, on the day of the opening rustled machines, tools and appliances. A lot of them here: the company is equipped with the most modern equipment and is already prepared to provide a full range of services to repair cars. This scheduled maintenance of freight rolling stock, ottsepochny its repair in the amount of TP-1 and TP-2, as well as repair and modernization of the individual components of cars (wheelsets, bogies and brake devices and equipment, pulling faces).

But people without machines do not work. At present, the staff consistently staffed depot — to reach design capacity of the new production will give the city more than three hundred new jobs. Solving the personnel issue, the management company adheres to the main principles: only youth and experience, a new generation of professionals and their mentors in tandem to ensure the successful operation of the enterprise. And for the foreseeable future staff depot is planned to extend for another hundred people.

The primary purpose of the construction of the depot was the creation of their own repair facilities to service the operational fleet, "ZapSib-Transservice." However, the "ICMS" plans to attract and third-party owners of cars. As early as six companies rolling stock owners have expressed their desire to enter into a contract with a company to provide repair services. Fortunately, the production capacity of the depot can serve as its own and third-party rolling stock: a year the company is able to repair up to 4000 cars and up to 25,000 wheel sets (divisional repair). And gradually, the power will only increase.
A solemn ceremony dedicated to the opening of car-repair depot, held right in the shop, including machinery and equipment. The first floor was taken by the deputy governor of the Kemerovo region, Sergei Kuznetsov.
— Start of the enterprise is of particular importance for the Kuzbass, and Novokuznetsk, — said Sergey. — "ZapSib-Transservice" — one of the few companies that carry the really big strategic cargo flows. And that rolling stock of the company has been operated properly, it is necessary to carry out timely repair and maintenance of cars. The new depot — a modern enterprise which has incorporated all the world’s gadgets.
— Ensuring our company’s own repair facilities — is a matter of the cost of our services and security from the point of view of the content of our 10000th car fleet — said in turn, General Director of "ZapSib-Transservice" Andrew Ants.
When all the congratulatory speeches were told rewards those who have made the most significant contribution to the emergence of the depot — handed, and the traditional red ribbon — cut up, up, was solemnly raised first in the depot wagon, symbolizing the beginning of a long productive way.
That same day, there are two more historic for "ZapSib-Transservice" events. First, an agreement was signed between the Company "Siberian Vagonoremontnaya Company" and Tikhvin Railway Car Building Plant to establish on the basis of the plant depot service center for servicing innovative cars TVSZ. And secondly, it was publicly announced the company’s decision to build on the basis of "ICMS" wagon-wheel workshops, which are designed to fully meet the company wheelsets.

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