In Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo region was opened after reconstruction Station

Old train station served more than half a century. It opened in December 1962. In all that time there has never been renovated.

In fact, the station was built anew. From the old buildings were only walls. Station was built from natural materials — granite and marble, decorated with wood and stainless steel, has a spacious, comfortable room, which seats 2,000 people. Take into account the requirements and seismic — new station can withstand earthquakes up to 9 points.

With the new station is built with comfortable rooms for 75 people. It has special rooms for guests with limited mobility.

In the construction of the station polschadyu 4378 square meters. m Company "Russian Railways" has invested 1 billion 300 million rubles.


With a single control point will be the management of all life-support systems: heating, ventilation, fire safety. The building on the platform of the station and installed 200 security cameras. In addition, there are special-frame metal detectors. In the waiting rooms are equipped with electronic train schedule.

For people with disabilities are equipped with hinged doors, ramps, handrails. In addition, for the movement of wheelchairs provided special security zone in case of emergency. Also equipped with a special tactile pedestrian lane for the visually impaired — and at the train station and on the platform, and on the forecourt. This band has a special ribbed coated in white (ceramic tile), she speaks at 5 mm above the floor.

For the improvement of the forecourt sent 50 million rubles from the city budget. Here replaced all networks, transformers, pipes, cable wires, livnevki that were built in the 40-50-ies of the last century. Expanded roadway to get rid of congestion, installed new bus shelters for intercity and commuter routes, there is parking for cars, carried out additional coverage on stopping platforms and on site car parking.

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