In Novokuznetsk opened a new school

In Novokuznetsk opened a new modern school number 112 for 825 mest.Na construction and equipping of schools spent 710 million rubles. 3-storey building has a complex layout, and that students do not get lost in the school halls and corridors were named in honor of the towns in the area: approx Kuzbass, pl. Tashtagolskiy, st. Taiga and others. Digital equipment equipped with 45 classrooms, a conference room, auditorium, laboratories and other facilities.

The school operates its own social network with access for all students, teachers and parents. In the halls are equipped with plasma televisions and panels.

At the school stadium was built where there is a platform for team sports, soccer field, playground, army obstacle course, avtogorodok. After school can continue their studies in the Center for Continuing Education, which will run 25 circles.

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