In Novokuznetsk opened bypass road

A new highway is directly connected to the two districts of the city — the Kuznetsk and factory, reducing the distance between them three times. Now, from one area to another will be accessible in 30 minutes instead of one and a half hours. New detour should relieve the city center and to improve road safety.

It used to get from a factory in the Kuznetsk district, had to make a detour of nearly 30 km through the city center, and twice to cross the river Tom, you have to drive for two road bridges. Such a route is seriously degraded the environment and creating daily "plug", especially in the morning and evening.

The length of the roadway — nearly 11 km, the width of the roadway — 7 pm on the two-lane highway opened motion.

To ensure the safety of transport on difficult areas (ascents and descents with turns), a metal barrier fence.

Financing the construction of a detour — almost 900 million rubles — was carried out at the expense of the regional budget.

Construction of a bypass road was started in 2008, but because of the crisis, it was frozen. In November 2011, at a public meeting of Novokuznetsk governor Aman Tuleyev instructed the head of the city Valery Resins resume construction. Work began in the spring of this year. "Construction is passable in difficult conditions, it was necessary to eliminate the bog over a length of nearly half a kilometer apart the rock, which stretches for a mile" — said in a press release.

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