In Novorossiysk opened the concrete plant


July 6. The group of companies "Select" opened in Novorossiysk concrete plant.
Total output of 60 m3 per hour of high-quality concrete.
Buffer stock of cement is 400 m, allows continuous feeding of any volume of concrete.

Mortar and concrete node combines 15 years of experience in the production of various types of concrete and equipment of the best German manufacturers Wiggert & Co and BHS, allowing the company to "Choice" to produce the highest quality concrete is not only in the city of Novorossiysk, but on the whole territory of the Krasnodar Territory.

To improve the competitiveness of products and ensure the production of concrete products with raw materials, in 2009, on his own career of "choice" in Kurganinske, which, according to experts, is unique in the Southern Federal District, the quality of the material and the volume of production (2 million tons per year ), was built by crushing and screening plant.

All of the above gives us the ability to produce concrete up to grade 600. Thanks to the new concrete production, our company is already building a 20-storey building of concrete grade 550, unlike the standard 350 mark. This can reduce the cost of construction of the building complex due to economies of scale and facilitate the construction of concrete.

Product quality is our top priority. Laboratory Ltd. ‘Choice-C "is the guarantor of the quality of each batch of material, and continuously monitors both input materials and ready-mixed concrete parameters.

Concrete Plant (RBU) Ltd. ‘Choice-C "has the best location of all communications, networks, systems, equipment, and has its own internal logistics.

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