In Novosibirsk City Hospital was opened after a major overhaul Cancer housing

In Novosibirsk, a city hospital number 1 was put into operation after a major overhaul of Oncology body. Following the repair of the second branch of the Regional Oncology Center at the base of the city hospital has increased significantly. According to the head of the dispensary department Marina Cherenkov Cancer Center now occupies the entire first floor of the building, due to this increase in the number of advisory offices, two classrooms are equipped with an endoscopic examination of patients and special urological office, organized a day hospital for chemotherapy.


On the 2nd floor you will find 3 cancer (breast cancer) and 6 of cancer (tumors of the head and neck) department. The total capacity of all branches — 90 oncology beds. The capacity of each — about 3 million patients a year, with the average number of operations performed to 1.5 tys.v year.

 Repair Oncology Center has completed a total refurbishment program the city hospital, the cost of which amounted to 118 million rubles.

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