In Novosibirsk, completed the reconstruction of the Soviet highway

Work on the reconstruction of the route began in 2008. In 2011 was put into operation the first starting complex of the Soviet 5,6 km long highway. Now completely finished second start-up complex long line of 2.5 km and a two-level traffic interchange at the village Krasnoobsk. The total cost of construction exceeded 2 billion 144 million rubles.

Reconstruction allowed to widen the road, significantly increase the capacity of highways, as well as improve road safety. Used in the construction of a number of new technological solutions. In particular, increase of the road surface the upper layer of hot asphalt used a high-density fine grain mixture and pavement structure geogrids applied asphalt reinforcement of fiberglass, which improves the durability of the road structure. Outdoor lighting used vysokomachtovye support with mobile crown and LED lights. Also installed LED information boards, variable message signs, automatic registration system disorders.

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