In Novosibirsk, created theater, where the main role played by the blind children


Dozens of rehearsals behind. It seems that the role of memorized, honed movement. But the excitement is not overcome. Small stage these actors seem overly large.

Sokolkin Daniel, a pupil of the boarding school number 39: "In our case, not to worry. I can even say why — because when a person is worried, he begins to flounder".

This is the first attempt to create Novosibirsk pro-theater. Until now, only the blind played on the Moscow stage. Julia Suvorov, director, acknowledged — up capital of actors so far away. Their repertoire includes dozens of performances. From Novosibirsk have something to strive for and where to grow. Even the guys bring to the stage was not easy.

Julia Suvorov, director of the play "Chief invisible to the eye": "A lot of embarrassed that they were being watched from the sidelines. But people are not running around on prosthetic legs. And here and there feet — must be used. So what, that no eyes, learn and no eyes ".

Little more than a clue. Sometimes extra hand movements. Actors Theatre — guides for the blind. They also had to learn to work with partners.

Anastasia Podkorytova, actress "South Pole": "They hear some sounds that we hear. They feel some things that we do not feel. They feel his hands, his fingers — probably, as we are not given" .

So far, they say in the theater — it’s not a full play, and a test. But for many children, he was the first step of complete darkness to life with vivid colors.

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