In Novosibirsk developed a new generation of optical fuse


The designers of the Novosibirsk Scientific Research Institute of Electronic Devices / NIIEP / optical proximity fuze developed a new generation intended for an upgraded air defense missile system "Strela" Russian air defense of ground troops. Itar-Tass reported today Svetlana Drozdov, a spokesman NIIEP working for the defense industry.

The newest detonator developed by order of scientific and industrial concern "Manufacturing Engineering" / JSC "SPC" Techmash "/.

"Optical proximity fuze successfully completed field testing. Their results confirmed that the development of different high performance, "- said Drozdov.

In NIIEP has not disclosed the development of technical specifications. Industrial production of the new fuse has not yet begun, but already concluded a number of export contracts for the weapon. 

At the core of the resistance to interference of non-contact optical fuse — responding to thermal radiation target. It initiates a split second undermining the missile while flying near the target or self-destruct in case of a miss. The structure includes a fuse electron optical unit consisting of a radiant energy receiver, which provide the circular charts, including towards the axis of the rocket. The work provides a battery power supply fuse in the form of the electrochemical cell.

Institute of Electronic Devices, created dozens of non-contact systems blasting part of the "SPC" Techmash "and is engaged in developing and manufacturing computing devices and control systems for various types of weapons and military equipment. NIIEP developments and products are used in particular in the guidance systems of Russian mobile missile complexes "Iskander", "Thor", "City", "Twister."

In the first half of 2013 operating profit NIIEP was about 1 billion rubles, which is three times more than the same period in 2012.

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