In Novosibirsk, invented a cure for brain recovery


Siberian scientists have developed a drug that causes the brain to produce human stem cells needed to repair diseased organs. "The drug belongs to a regenerative and has no analogues in the world. This year we are starting clinical trials, preclinical testing we finished," — said the chairman and co-owner of the company that developed the drug, Andrey Artamonov.

According to him, drug causes adult human brain to produce the new stem cells, which are further damaged organ and reduced. "In children, the brain actively produces stem cells, because the child is growing. And the adult human brain is able to produce them, but he does not want to do that — he does not need. Our drug stimulates the production of autologous stem cells," — said Artamonov.

According to him, all transactions with the stem cells are now produced outside the human body, which carries a certain risk associated with the fact that the modified, artificially-propagated cell can begin to interact in an unexpected place.

The cells can be administered, but it is always a risk, because it is not very clear where they differentiate. Though they are yours, but they are propagated out of your body. Own stem cells can not differentiate there. They find the damaged organ and begin to restore this body, "- said Artamonov. Clinical trials of the drug will last one and a half years, the"Interfax. "

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