In Novosibirsk, opened a high-tech meat processing plant

The plant, owned by Siberian Food Company, which is part of the holding company "Russian Meat" (RMP). The new company has appeared on the site of the Novosibirsk meat-packing plant. It has become possible after two years of SEC fully redeemed slaughterhouse capacity. After the official change of ownership began to overhaul the territory of 42,000 square meters. Left untouched, only 10 percent of the total area. The new owners are not only completely redesigned the space, but also replaced all of the equipment. The plant installed modern thermal cameras for cooking and smoking sausages.

Holding "Russian Meat" — One of the country’s largest manufacturers of sausages. Today it includes, in addition to the two Novosibirsk plant CPC plant in Krasnoyarsk capacity of 80 tons per day and myasozagotovitelnye own grounds in the Novosibirsk and Altai regions. Products under the brand names "SEC", "PDA", "Myasodelov," Siberian standard "and" Isle ". Total revenue of the holding in 2010 was about 10 billion rubles. (Of that SEC has 4 billion rubles.).

— We have completely redesigned site boning. Installed two new automated lines where the meat is cut and sorted. Have designed an automated warehouse. Analogue of such equipment will not find in Siberia — says Anton Kolenko Chief Technology Officer SEC. — Also, the factory has a special station caricaturing. Need it for cooking meat. Thus the company‘s management has tried to minimize the use of workers.

Production cycles designed with the best European and Russian technology. To debug hardware invited experts from Germany, Switzerland and Slovenia. As recognized by the chairman of the holding company "Russian meat" is only the first stage of the commissioning of the plant.

— Next year we plan to launch a few more shops, — said Vitaly Command and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the holding RMP. — Opens and smoked deli production.

At this point the meat processing capacity of the plant is 140 tons of finished products per day.

— This company — top technical excellence. This I can guarantee, as an engineer, — said the Governor of the Novosibirsk region Vasily Yurchenko. — This example once again confirms the truth of that good can not be cheap. This project is not only costly for the investors, but also to the state treasury. It was estimated at 1 billion 250 million rubles.

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