In Novosibirsk opened Federal Center of Neurosurgery

Novosibirsk federal Neurosurgery Center — a unique project, upscale hospital where patients from all regions of Russia will be able to get the most qualified and high-tech help. Medical care to citizens of the Russian Federation will be provided free of charge, all treatment will be paid from the federal budget.

The center — a private clinic, diagnostic and clinical departments.

Children’s Department of Neurosurgery — today only in Siberia. It will treat children with diseases of the central nervous system, both congenital and the consequences of the injury.

Furthermore, construction began in Novosibirsk Regional Perinatal Center. Construction of the center — the main event of a long-term target program "Development of services maternal and child health in the Novosibirsk region in 2011 — 2013 years."

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