In Novosibirsk opened its first Youth Street Park


Sport without limitation, the formalities and awards. Only yesterday, these young people are in search of a nine-yourself stormed the roof, riding their bicycles on the railing and stairs, getting the adrenaline, and sometimes risking their own lives.

Here, on a new youth court today, anyone can come, not only to time but also to obtain professional advice. If you still not done without injury, extremals here will and health care. On the territory of the NSTU continuously running first-aid station. The new playground is already taking its first guests. In Novosibirsk, the festival of street culture. The plans of the organizers to invite young people not only from different parts of Russia, but also from neighboring countries.


Roman Kahn, president of the Federation of extreme sports of the Novosibirsk region, "Sprung from the fourth floor of a triple somersault down. On the pillow. All sorts of movies, advertising — all advertise a new fashion. With extreme — it’s good!".

Igor Danilov, the chairman of the Federation of extreme sports of the Novosibirsk region, "Take a bike and do not just go and do a trick on the urban landscape. They want self-actualization".

Sports, albeit extreme — it is better than being in the streets doing nothing, decided in Novosibirsk. They opened a bit extreme section of interest — identified several areas of youth. Here, on the territory of the Novosibirsk State Technical University, for the month were making sports uniforms, hills and obstacles. Now here will be able to spend your free time and those who are passionate about parkour and street basketball and those who are on roller skates or snowboards.

Vera Pronkina, head of the Youth of the Novosibirsk region: "We have asked the construction company. 12 dump trucks of gravel, sand. Appliances special. Whatever cost us several million rubles — we just got for free."

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