In Novosibirsk opened office of general practitioners

More pervomaytsev 8000, before attending the 19th Street clinic Shukshina can walk to the doctor for 5 minutes.

In the house at the Star, has opened five general practitioners, indoors, previously held by Mill consumer services. The establishment is equipped with modern facilities — where you can get all the simple medical care and even go on an IV therapy that previously could be done only in a hospital. — General Practice is divided into two zones. Left — children with paediatricians, changing table and a children’s corner. A right — adult. With therapy and treatments for receiving laboratory analyzes.

Department is equipped with telephones and office equipment is connected to the city’s electronic registry. For major maintenance department AFP was sent to about 5,285,000 rubles for the provision of equipment, furniture and equipment — about 5 million.

This year, the Novosibirsk open for three general medical practice. Before the year is planned to start another 4 FR.

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