In Novosibirsk, opened the 3rd International Scientific Conference on Forestry registry

November 29 at Congress Hotel "Novosibirsk" started its work
 3rd International Scientific Conference on Forestry registry, the state forest inventory and forest management, which is held by the Federal Forestry Agency and "Roslesinforg" with the support of the Plenipotentiary of the RF President in the Siberian Federal District

The conference is attended by the Head of the Federal Forestry Agency of the VN Maslyakov, First Deputy Governor of the Novosibirsk region, AK Sobolev, experts representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the Siberian Federal District. Among the foreign guests at the conference will be attended by a representative of the Department of Forestry, the support of national forest monitoring of Agriculture and Food of the United Nations (FAO) Dan Altrell, First Deputy Minister of Forestry FD Fox, chief engineer of the Southern District of Qaim Keren le-Israel Israel SM Forest Service Sprintsyn, deputy director of the Institute of Ecology and Forest Inventory (Germany) Heino Polly and others.

The conference will feature advanced technology of remote sensing and the use of satellite imagery in forest inventory. Computer technology interpretation of satellite images allow you to see the forest in 3D, quickly identify cases of illegal logging and forest law violations, to collect information on forest fires, outbreaks of forest pests and diseases. Participants of the conference will showcase the latest innovations in forest management, the new information system for state forest register. In addition, the conference will be a lot of attention paid to the participation of civil society in forest planning and management of forests.

The conference will be the presentation of electronic interactive map of Russian forests developed, "Roslesinforg." Interactive map contains not only information about forest resources, but will not indifferent to every citizen of the country with the help of e-cards to inform the authorities about the specific location of fires, logging, dumps and other violations of forest. In addition, the citizen will be able to on-line mode to learn the reaction of the authorities and what specific measures have been taken for violation of forest laws. In addition to the presentation of an interactive map Roslesinforg will be presented information model to forecast future development of the subject of the Russian forest sector. The model allows to predict the complex socio-economic development of the forest industry in the region for 30 years, depending on the strategy of protection, reproduction, use and processing of forest resources.




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