In Novosibirsk, presented the mobile library on wheels

Very useful for residents of rural cultural project is implemented in the Novosibirsk region — is reviving the tradition of traveling libraries.

The most valuable and necessary — inside this van. What today is lacking in remote villages of the region. Not every area of the village has its own library. Now Mobile Reading Room come to where it is very welcome.

Mobile complex is equipped with all necessary: here and internet speed of 4 MB s, 20 meters of bookshelves, a thousand books, more than two hundred CD and DVD discs. Powerful speaker system, the ability to deploy demonstration screens out of the car, showing the unsophisticated rural audience of documentary and feature films.

The appearance of the library on wheels was made possible thanks to the participation of the Novosibirsk region in the federal program "Culture of Russia". The cost of the project — about six million rubles. In the year to the mobile library service will take no more than half a million. Within a week, the car will go to the areas. Svetlana Tarasova, Director of the Regional Library: "We will work as long as the three regions — Novosibirsk Suzunsky and Kolyvansky. Let’s go on an agreed schedule, it may be one-off trip for joint activities."

Surf the internet, scan or print documents, watch video. They are residents of villages will be able to do for free. Like the favorite to take the book home. Get her back can be done in the next coming of the library.

The regional governor personally inspected the new car. On the eve of the day of all-Russian libraries, he congratulated the staff on the occasion and assured — their salaries are bound to be growing.

Vasily Yurchenko, Governor of the Novosibirsk region: "I want you to know — this is not forgotten, and in the formation program for the development of culture in VAT we have provided the necessary solutions and we will update them every year."

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