In Novosibirsk, Russia launched the only producer of absorbent diapers

Novosibirsk company "Optimaks" launched a production line for the production of absorbent diapers. In test mode, the line worked since mid-January, but the official start of production, organized at the plant "electric plant", was given on February 21. Thus, Russia has its first domestic manufacturer of absorbent underwear.

  • Photo ITAR-TASS
  • Photo ITAR-TASS

The company "Optimaks" was created last year by former managers of the Siberian Center of Investment Technology (wholesale supplier of medical and pharmaceutical products). In an interview with the newspaper "Vedomosti" one of the founders of the company Oleg Denisenko said that by engaging in such marketing specific products, from his partners and the idea was born to produce self-absorbent underwear: "I have experience in this field, there is no competition in the Russian market of Russian manufacturers . "


"Optimaks" organized the production of the products included in the register of rehabilitation equipment and services for the disabled and veterans (compiled by the Health Ministry of the Russian Federation): absorbent disposable diapers for bed-ridden patients, the elderly and infants (becoming the first Russian company to obtain a registration certificate for the production and sale of such goods). In Soviet times, a small shop, where diapers are made and worked in many cities of Russia. But in the 1990s, almost all of them were closed, and the country began to buy the same products abroad. Today absorbent underwear on the Russian market is primarily a Polish brand Bella, Paul Hartmann German and Swedish Tena. "These products in any form is required for the population. And for medicine, and for the organization of social security and social protection for organizations who work with this group of people. But buy it abroad more expensive. And the quality is the same, "- said yesterday at the start line of the Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of the Novosibirsk region, Ivan Moroz.

Novosibirsk feature production — in the shop here work with hearing disabilities. "My parents are deaf, I grew up with these people. I know their language. Responsible, the most decent, hard-working class of people is working on this front, "- said in an interview with" lead "director Irene Fokine. Despite the seeming simplicity of absorbing mats — a complex and multi-layered product, which is present in the structure of the absorbent (splayed cellulose), water-proof film and non-woven material, sealed at the edges. Today, "Optimaks" produces two versions of disposable diapers — 60×60 cm and 60×90 cm $ 8 rubles and 11 rubles apiece, respectively (European manufacturers of sanitary napkins in the retail cost three to four times more expensive).

The production line for the "Optimaksa" was made in Shanghai, a month, the company expects to produce up to 1 million diapers under the same brand. "At full capacity the company will come out in a month or two. It is planned that by the end of 2012 will be implemented diaper worth at least 60 million rubles ", — the representative of the company told reporters Larisa Gorbachev.

Domestic market for diapers is: Social Security Fund spends more than 1 billion people with disabilities to provide an absorbent sheets, funding is distributed through the regional offices of the FSS. Even before the start of production "Optimaks" won two auctions for the right to supply such a diaper in the Altai Republic and Ekaterinburg (through compulsory health insurance). Long-term contracts are also concluded with consumers in Omsk, Tomsk and Barnaul. Compete with foreigners in retail trade "Optimaks" is not going, counting primarily on the sector of state. In the long term, "Optimaks" plans to expand its range of products, for example, run a line for the production of diapers for adults.

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