In Novosibirsk, the opening of a new concert hall

Modern concert hall with 300 seats on the basis of the Novosibirsk Special Music School College was opened on May 25.

  • Photo: Tatyana Kravchenko, RG
  • Photo: Tatyana Kravchenko, RG

The first stone of the future of the concert hall was laid in June 2011, funding was provided by the Federal Ministry of the contract of Culture and Communication (since the school itself and the College has been a federal). The cost of the project amounted to 167.5 million rubles.

Hall built on a special project and is located on the second floor of a detached annexe connected with the school warm transition. It a great scene, contemporary acoustic and concert equipment, recording studio.

On the ground floor — entrance for spectators from the street, a spacious lobby, bar, artistic room in the basement — a cloakroom and utility room.

It is planned that here, in addition to concerts and rehearsals College of Music students will undergo public concerts of outstanding musicians from Russia and foreign countries.

In addition, the hall will be a permanent rehearsal and concert base for unique groups — Novosibirsk Youth Symphony Orchestra, Youth Orchestra of Russian folk instruments and various ensembles and soloists.

Novosibirsk Music School College has a high reputation in Russia. Over the years the school has produced more than five hundred people, including such prominent musicians as Vadim Repin, Anton Barakhovsky, Maxim Vengerov. In this case, the federal institution where I studied with such outstanding musicians still did not have its concert hall.

— Now, when there is a reconstruction of the Great Hall of the Novosibirsk Philharmonic, in particular acute shortage of concert halls. The new concert hall built on the individual project and equipped with advanced professional equipment, is designed for three seats. It is important that the whole project is implemented in record time — less than a year, — said the Minister of Culture Natalia Yaroslavtseva.



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