In Novotroickoe launched Krolikova Plant


Fluffy business. In the southern Urals Plant of rabbit run. Local farmers bred Californian pets on an industrial scale. The animals breed overseas unpretentious, rapidly gaining weight and good fruit. The first batch of double-crested product will disperse Novotroitsk not only for the region. Rabbits orders Kurgan region and Kazakhstan. American "workers" sweeter carrots did not see anything. In the Urals eared guests from California fed only hay and forage, so they grow better. To foreign rabbits bred like Russian, the owners regularly crossed various kinds.

Roman Chereshnev, managing rabbit farm: "Blending species, always get a good seed, healthy and feed consumption less."

Krolikova business — troublesome, but profitable. Hares to bring a steady income, need large volumes and market. The demand for rabbit season, mainly dietary meat demand for the New Year. Therefore, their Krol Novotroitskiy plant sells to farmers parties.

Rabbit Breed "White Giant" weighs about 6 pounds. But the Urals such Krol is not popular. Giant eats too much and long growing.

In private households Valeria about 100 Freestyle — Viennese blue, Soviet Chinchilla and Belgian giants. By the standards of the modern farmer — this is a very small economy. Rural merchant wants to expand production to 1,000 animals.

Valery Sakhibgareev, the owner of a rabbit farm: "The demand is there. Many are beginning to deal with, but then abandoned. We also want to, but wishes do not always coincide with our capabilities. Finances mean a lot."

Fashion for the rabbit business is gaining momentum among farmers and among ordinary peasants. Today eared handsome breeds every other villager. After all, rabbits — is not only valuable fur.

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