In Novozybkov (Bryansk region). Combined two major plant

The largest enterprises Novozybkov "inductor" and "Bryanskvagonmash" united and become "Novozybkovsky machine works."

Such a merger was possible, after both companies were under one owner. Headed by the new general manager of the plant, "Inductor" Gregory Rombach.


On Novozybkov engineering plant is expected to start manufacturing wagons, which, according to experts, now there is special demand. Also continue the production of standard products "inductor." It’s about melting furnaces, hardening plants, high-frequency generators … Note that the main specialization of the company — production of electrothermal equipment for metallurgy and mechanical engineering, as well as welding equipment.

The number of employees of the new plant today is about 700 people, reports TV "Bryansk". New owners say that in the future there will be more jobs.

Recall factory electro-thermal and electric welding equipment "inducer" was founded in 1975 and has become one of the core enterprises Novozybkov. The plant "Bryanskvagonmash" was created in 2007 on the premises of the former second stage of "inductor", but by 2011 virtually idle.

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