In Noyabr’sk the construction of new housing for immigrants from dilapidated houses



  In Noyabr’sk builders scored first pile into the base of the neighborhood P-8. This is the third estate, construction of which began this year. For the inauguration of the work were invited to the Director of the Department of Construction and Housing Policy Teryaev County Jury and Director of Housing Yamal Alexander Skidanov. The joy of the inhabitants Noyabr’sk shared as journalists from all over the county for which a tour of the other social construction sites of the city.

  Raises to the November Company — ICC "Yamal-Alliance", which already has a number of projects implemented in the territory of Yamal. 
  The project’s planning district "P-8" includes seven four-story brick apartment houses. The total built-up area — 20 thousand square meters. In the courtyard of the new district will be located parking and a playground. For the convenience of moving people with limited mobility entrances will be equipped with ramps. In addition, within the boundaries of the quarter to build a kindergarten for 120 places, building project already exists.
  A large proportion of the apartments will be designed for the implementation of the regional program "Housing", including the relocation of certain categories of citizens: indigenous people, orphans, veterans, the disabled, and rehabilitated for the resettlement of the people of Yamal emergency shelter. 
  "Housing Fund Yamal plans to buy in this neighborhood for more than 18 thousand square meters of housing — is about 330 apartments, which will be able to move noyabrtsy of dilapidated housing. This year Noyabr’sk we started the construction of three neighborhoods. Across the road is already being built neighborhood P-7 of the eight 3-storey buildings in the north of the city in April based district 8, it desyatipodezdnyh nine-seven houses. Besides being infill development. "- Commented Alexander Skidanov.
  Note to solve the problem of resettlement of dilapidated housing, to 2015, with the participation of the Fund in Noyabr‘sk erect 300 thousand square meters, which is about 5000 apartments.

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