In nurseries Sochi ready to plant thousands of seedlings

In the nursery, which was created on the Olympic program for the Sochi National Park, is growing up another batch of trees and shrubs. Several thousand seedlings of chestnut, boxwood, fig, cherry, pear and apple trees will be planted in autumn in different territories resort. This will be compensated once the forest fund in the Olympic construction.

Since the beginning of 2011 to carry out compensatory measures from the nursery was given 35,000 seedlings. Experts grow them on beds and in greenhouses equipped with a modern system of irrigation and drainage.

Another nursery is located next to the Olympic park. On the territory of about 4 acres over hundreds of thousands of plants brought in Sochi from Italy, are already preparing for the landing. Cypresses, dates, bamboos, azaleas, oleanders grew in a similar climate region and are now successfully adapting to the new location.

Work on gardening and landscaping will be carried out throughout the Imereti lowland, including the Olympic Park. The landing of plants on the big Olympic site will be completed in 2013.


They will be planted in the fertile soil, the preparation of which is in full swing. "Within the framework of engineering protection Imereti lowland before the Olympic construction has been temporarily removed topsoil — the director of the department of environmental support" Olympstroy "Gleb Vatletsov. — Now we return the soil to where construction has already entered the final stage. If necessary, it is sieved and enrich the fertilizer. "

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