In NW them. October Revolution began construction of a second BGK for the Russian Navy

Shipyard named after the October Revolution (Blagoveshchensk, Amur region) started the construction of a second large hydrographic boat (BGK) Project 19920 (serial number 702).

Project 19920 boats designed by Design Bureau "Vympel". The ships are being built by order of the Russian Navy. The second boat will be put to the customer in November 2013.

19920 for the project has already been built and successfully operated Hydrographic Service of the Navy Hydrographic two large boats in the Caspian Fleet and the Pacific Fleet.

Cutters are designed to perform hydrographic and buoy laying works in the coastal areas of the seas of the Russian Federation.
Main tasks:
pilotage and leadership development of submarines in points-based systems;
staging, shooting, and maintenance and repair of offshore and floating aids to navigation (CHO);
execution of hydrographic work in the amount of capacity installed by boat hydrographic equipment;
delivery personnel, specialized equipment and supplies to the unequipped coast.

Tactical and technical data:
Total displacement — 320 tons;
Length — 36.44 m;
width — 7.6 m;
draft — 2.07 m;
full speed — 11 knots;
cruising range — 1000 miles;
autonomy — 10 days;
powerplant — 2h337 hp diesels "Deutz" BF6M 1015MC, 2 DG DGA-80-BA2-IPU to 80 kW;
Crew — 11 people.

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