In Nyagan (Yugra) built a station potable water

In Nyagan began testing a new water treatment plant that the city waited for 13 years. The commissioning of the filtration room will solve the problem with the quality of drinking water.  The absence of a complex wastewater treatment plant — one of the most urgent problems for the residents of the city and to Nyagan resursosnabzhayuschego enterprise of "Nyaganskaya energy resources." That N’yaganskaya water almost the worst in the region have repeatedly confirmed Epidemiology studies. For example, in one liter of fluid, which is supplied with the organization calls "economic-drinking", contains 2 to 3 milligrams of iron, which is 10 times higher than the MAC. Significantly increased and the content of manganese, and eventually figures are only getting worse.

Currently, the wastewater treatment plant of the city is fully prepared to work process equipment filter hall, completed construction of the recycled water plant, completed installation of equipment Reagent.

A total of 24 filter habitats, each with 17 tons of quartz sand — water passes through it and cleaned of any contaminants. The assurances of the experts, after the water passes through the filter, it will be possible to drink absolutely fearless.

Now the station is in test mode in the operation of its promise to introduce by mid-summer. The utility plans to launch in the autumn and ultraviolet water treatment plant. However, completely solve the problem of water supply will still fail, because even the purest water subjected kilometers of old, worn out pipes, the consumer does not get in the form of priglyadnom — needs a global reconstruction of utilities.

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