In October, Russia for the first time since 1992, entered the natural increase of population

Well, it finally happened!

For the first time since 1992, in spite of certain demographic projections, as liberal and "Orthodox-patriotic" in Russia recorded natural population growth in annual terms.


During January — October 2012:

1,586,925 people were born (By 104.118 people, or 7.0% more than in January — October 2011)

1,586,135 people have died (To 24.030 people, or 1.5% lower than in January — October 2011)


The natural increase of 790 people (Last year wane 127,358 people)


PS By the way, a certain strangeness of demographic indicators for October of this year, compared with October last year and the previous months of this year, should not confuse you. Specialists in Rosstat argue that this is just the structural fluctuations.

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