In ofKurskenergo learn a new diagnostic tool

In Point training of operating personnel of the branch of JSC "IDGC of Center" — "Kurskenergo" was short-term training of masters of high-voltage substation service of the Office of networks.

Energy studied device status monitoring of high-voltage circuit breakers (PKV/M7) domestically produced. It is mounted on an integral base and is designed to determine the condition of high voltage circuit breakers, disconnectors and short. The device has a power switch for control of switching devices both AC and DC. In terms of features it will replace one of three instruments that masters use in their daily work. 

After studying theoretical issues service wizard substations under the supervision of experienced mentors worked algorithms work with a new device.

Currently, all areas of the service networks of high-voltage substation Office ofKurskenergo equipped with this modern device. It is planned to purchase more in order to carry out measurements on high voltage circuit breakers at the same time the two teams.

"The use of modern diagnostic equipment branch staff increases accuracy and decreases the definition of a technical condition of electrical equipment, reduces repair costs, — says head of the high-voltage network Sergei Skornyakov."

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