In old age, they told us the truth about UFOs and aliens


UFOs and aliens do not exist, but the reality of extraterrestrial visitors are increasingly say very knowledgeable and respected people. It's hard not to believe the former minister of defense of Canada or the famous astronaut, to conquer the moon. So, aliens do exist?

When old age comes, people no longer fear death, career falls and punishments, relying for revealing state secrets. It was at an advanced age, many officials, scientists, astronauts and witnesses no hidden from the public significant events begin to talk about the facts, which at times were silent for decades.

In 2005, with a curious public statement was made by 82-year-old Paul Hellier, Former Defense Minister of Canada from 1963 to 1967. It happened at a symposium organized by the University of Toronto with three non-governmental organizations.

Speaking from the podium and addressed the participants of the symposium, Hellier told them that "UFOs are as real as flying planes over your heads … But the secrecy which surrounded the works around the incident in Roswell, was incomparable to anything, so the vast majority of U.S. officials and politicians have never had any idea what was going on. "

It is worth noting that Hellier wrote the book "Light at the end of the tunnel: a plan for human survival," which continued the theme of UFOs. From this book, as well as other public appearances Paul Helliera learned some other interesting facts. For example, the former minister said that contact with aliens is a long established, in his opinion, the first contact with extraterrestrials began shortly after the fall of UFOs in 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico.

Hellier says he knows of four alien races visiting Earth are actively … Among them, the so-called Scandinavian Nord (tall blonds) and the famous "gray" (bald-headed dwarfs gromnymi with black eyes).

According to Hellier, aliens have long been transferred to the U.S. government extraterrestrial technology, the former Minister requires them to disclose. He says: "I would like to know how many residents of our planet, how technology can stop the aliens oil consumption and thus save us all." Hellier hints at the source of clean energy, which would allow people to solve all the problems with power without burning oil, coal, and without the use of nuclear power plants.

According to Helliera for hiding the truth about UFOs and contact with aliens is "shadow government" to which humanity is advantageous to keep to the "oil curse" and the use of extraterrestrial technology to their advantage.

Not only that, Hellier said that "the armed forces of the United States is prepared to weapons that could be used against extraterrestrial civilizations, and the United States can draw us into an intergalactic war without us knowing."

They find it hard not to believe

Revelation officer of such high rank were a great gift for a UFO, because until now there is still a lot of skeptics who believe UFOs are not very fabrications mentally healthy people. It is worth noting that Hellier not the first to uncover the secrets of UFOs.

For example, in 1998, a retired colonel Philip Corso, head during President Eisenhower's military intelligence service department, wrote the book "The day after Roswell," in which he wrote about his participation in the inspection of crashed flying saucer and the study of the UFO wreckage in 1960.

It is reported that the bodies of aliens into the hands of the military, Corso personally saw one of them. According to his description, the newcomer was the size of a 10-year-old child, had lampochkovidnuyu bald head, almond-shaped eye sockets, a tiny nose and tetradigitate hands. The retired colonel said, and the use of the military at the hands of extraterrestrial technology.

Having achieved solid age (77 years old), told a lot about UFOs and aliens and former astronaut Edgar Mitchell, visited in 1971 on the moon. In an interview with British radio crew member "Apollo 14," said

"I was lucky enough to touch the fact that our planet and that visiting UFO — it is reality.
The last 60 years or so, our government is carefully concealed, but gradually the information leaked out, and some of us are lucky enough to know a little about it.

I spoke with representatives of the military and intelligence circles, who know that beneath the surface of the mass of knowledge lies the answer: yes, we have been visited by aliens. "

Referring to shape the aliens and their technical superiority, astronaut added: "They are really very similar to the way they are portrayed in movies. Low, thin, with big eyes and heads. They are much more technologically advanced than we are. If they wanted, they would have long been destroyed. "

Of course, NASA has denied the application of Mitchell, the agency allegedly did not know anything about aliens or UFOs. However, there was information that NASA is almost regularly obscure UFO images taken from other planets. Withholding information about UFOs continues, but in spite of this, more and more facts about aliens become public.

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