In OmGTU opened the eighth Resource Center

Now the experimental design solutions can be implemented in series production. In celebration of the 70th anniversary of OmGTU today opened for Research and Education Resource Center (Norcia) "Politest." However, the rector Viktor Shalai stressed that the opening of the center was planned. — In Omsk works well developed petrochemical cluster, and it requires more sophisticated analytical equipment, increasing quality demands, we need new scientific developments — said Shalai.

The purpose of Norcia "Politest" — the development of scientific, technical and technological base in the field of processing of polymers and composites, as well as the training of highly qualified specialists for the Omsk enterprises. The resource center is staffed with the latest equipment. At the opening of the resource center attended by Minister of Economy of the Omsk region, Alexander Trippel.
He congratulated those present on the anniversary. — We are so far behind the U.S. and Europe in the production of polymers, however, over the past 10 years, the volume of such production has increased by 10 times — said Trippel. — Here, on the basis of the resource center, you will be able to develop for the mass production of complex film with specific properties, with your help, the region’s new jobs. Norcia "Politest" became the eighth resource center in Omsk State Technical University. It cost the university 23 million rubles, but this is not the final figure, the equipment will still be re-buy. 

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