In Omsk, after conversion opened a children’s clinic

In Tyukalinsk near Omsk region on June 21 opened a children’s clinic. Repair of 2-storey building of the former dormitory area of 1,112 square meters. m were carried out in the framework of the regional program "Modernization of Public Health of Omsk Oblast" for 2011-2012. In the renovated building will house a children‘s polyclinic for 150 visits per shift.

Costs from the federal and regional budgets amounted to 25 million rubles. Another 2.5 million rubles allocated from the regional coffers for equipping health facilities with equipment and furniture.

During the overhaul of the building have accomplished interior design, the device front, external power supply networks and water supply, Landscaping. Indoor children‘s clinics are located registry with the archive, 6 divisional offices of paediatricians’ offices ophthalmologist, dentist, neurologist, clinical laboratory, studies of functional diagnostics, massage and physical therapy, distributing point formula.

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