In Omsk, began to build a modern cycle track

Construction of a modern sports complex, which will include offices for track cycling and martial arts, will cost the budget 408 million. Provided funds for the construction of the regional target program for the development of physical culture and sports involving federal funding.

The new athletic training center, which will include offices cycling and martial arts, to be ready in 2013.

Construction company performs "Zhilstroi", which received a row. Already clogged with piles for the construction of the Center. Sports Complex will be on Vavilov Street in Omsk on-site emergency DK building "Metalist".

  • soon there will be a modern cycle track
  • soon there will be a modern cycle track

Civil works will be completed by early next year.
— Complex training in cycling will be built in accordance with modern requirements to the conditions of international competition. Sophisticated design for manufacture racetrack Dutch firm — said the region’s governments.

The parameters of the project, developed by the institute "Omskgrazhdanproekt" meet Olympic standards: the length of the track will be exactly 250 meters. Spectator stands are designed for 300 seats. For training athletes will be built two halls — for physical training and training on simulators. In the sports complex will be able to deal with about 1,500 athletes.

In addition, the inside track is planned to lay synthetic multifunctional coating for many sports, including martial arts. The crowd was in the building arts center designed for 560 seats. In addition, at the site of the complex remains Children and Youth Sports School of Olympic Reserve, a building which will be renovated.

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