In Omsk, begins construction of the West Siberian machine factory

NGO "Mostovik" started a new project on the territory of Omsk. The following year, construction will begin on the Left Bank buildings West Siberian machine factory. The new subsidiary will include units such associations as the crane plant "Mostovik" CSC and hardware production.


The main purpose machine factory — production of heavy cranes, spetsmontazhnogo equipment, hardware, and various cold-formed products for the mechanical engineering and automotive industry. The company’s products will be focused on the leaders of the Russian energy sector, such as "RusHydro" and "Rosatom", and is intended for the development of maritime ports. On the production will be implemented no analogues in the world of innovative technologies and equipment. The plant’s products will compete with products of the major Japanese, Chinese and European manufacturers. Completion date — Q1 2013. Investment amount — 1.3 billion rubles.

The basis for the production of heavy cranes and equipment will spetsmontazhnogo crane plant "bridge builders". Today the plant arranged production of cranes for enterprises in the energy and nuclear industries. In autumn this year signed contracts for the manufacture of lifting units for the Leningrad NPP-2, Kola NPP-2 and MCC Zheleznogorsk.
For the Leningrad NPP-2 will be made three cranes, two of them — the general-purpose bridge cranes 16/3, 2 tons. Of the machine unit number 4 Kola NPP-2 crane plant will release double girder overhead traveling crane with a lifting capacity of 14 tons of reduced headroom hoists. Crane will perform the lifting and transport operations inside the machine room during the construction of nuclear power plant equipment installation and operation of nuclear power plants. Among the contracts — contracts for the supply of four nuclear valves for the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Mining and Chemical Combine" (Zheleznogorsk).

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