In Omsk, construction of underground

October 8 started work on the sinking of the left tunnels "Crystal — Nina." Tunnel Complex "Om" to go 644 meters in the direction of the station "Crystal" to the ventilation chamber, located in the shopping and office center "Festival", which will sboyka with the previously constructed 888-meter section of the left tunnels.

"The plot is small, but very complex in terms of both the trajectory and the geological conditions. Tunnel and curved in plan and in profile, there is no straight section. Turning radius of 40 meters, elevation — 13 meters. At the facility in the clock will employ about 200 people, "- said the head of SMU-44 NGO "Mostovik" Alexander Yankov.

Completion of penetration of the left tunnels "CrystalNina" is scheduled for January 2013.

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