In Omsk, created a flying relay for ESU TK


MOSCOW, Oct. 26 — RIA Novosti. Experts have created a repeater-based unmanned aerial vehicle capable of providing high-quality digital connection created within the framework of the Russian Armed Forces Unified tactical control, the shortcomings of which have previously President Vladimir Putin, told RIA Novosti on Friday, Chief of the Army Intelligence Colonel Vladimir Marusin.

In July of this year, Russian President Vladimir Putin drew attention to the development of military and disadvantages ESU TK. The Head of State noted that the prototype of this system does not fully meet the specified requirements of the Ministry of Defense.

  • © Photo by press-service of the Omsk AS Popov Radio Plant
  • © Photo by press-service of the Omsk AS Popov Radio Plant

A new solution for organizations using radio repeaters on the basis of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) presented Omsk Production Association "Radiofactory Popov" at the ongoing exhibition in Moscow Interpolitex-2012. According to the company, the active transponder signals DSAR + their production, set on a tiltrotor UAV type "Typhoon-5" allows, regardless of the weather conditions to ensure high-speed channel microwave transmission at distances up to 100 kilometers.

"If a manufacturer can prove their claimed characteristics such hardware connection will be very much in demand," — said the exhibition Marusin Interpolitex-2012.

According to him, the failure to provide a channel of communication over long distances is just one of the problem areas ESU TK, passing now in trial operation of the 5th Motorized Rifle Brigade (Alabino, Moscow region).

"The incoming troops today in automation require the transmission of not only voice but also graphics, and even video — from the same, for example, an unmanned aerial vehicle. Applied the same hardware today due to the telescopic antenna is not able to provide the required output signal for long distance — to the same, such as 20-30 miles, which take reconnaissance patrol team "- said the head of intelligence of the Army.

Uniform system of command and control tactical level (ESU TK) is designed for integrated command and control systems with the use of navigation, as well as satellite and unmanned surveillance. Western armies have used a similar system in Afghanistan, Iraq and Yugoslavia. The Russian system, tied at the GLONASS system, created nearly a decade.

Repeaters high-speed connectivity on the basis of UAVs — the second development of Omsk Radio Works Popov, has attracted interest from the military. Earlier, Airborne Troops Commander Colonel General Vladimir Shamanov expressed interest in ensuring his troops complexes observation "Seeker" based UAV "T-4".

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