In Omsk developed devices for ultrasonic cleaning of pipes and pipelines

Employees of the Omsk Scientific and Technical Center "electronics" received two patents for the design, which with the help of ultrasound and electromagnetic radiation clean the inside of the pipeline and pipe thermal power station without interrupting their work. As the head of the center Boris Daubney, ultrasonic unit "Effect" and the high-frequency electromagnetic system "Antikarbon" used for cleaning pipes from salts, wax, dirt and protect the pipes from corrosion.

Typically, employees of oil companies at least once a quarter run in an automated pipe cleaning scraper, brush that removes wax and rust deposits on the walls, which leads to a halt of a section of the pipeline. Besides scrapers can be stuck inside the tube may not pass bends.

According to Boris Daubney, appliances Omsk development devoid of these shortcomings, in addition to their use is not necessary to put the device into the pipeline and stop it. "We are not yet ready to say that the system works, for example, 200% efficiency, show all tests. It is necessary to put the tools and work"- Said Boris Daubney.

System "Antikarbon" is an electromagnetic unit which generates thin film on the surface of the metal conduit, protects against deposits on the inner surfaces, whereby a three — five times slower rate of corrosion. Depending on the diameter of the pipe system protects one set of pipe 500 meters up to 2 kilometers in both directions from the installation site.

Setting the "Effect-2M" is designed to remove scale and deposits on the inner walls of the mold, pipelines, boilers and hoppers. The instrument generates short pulses that disrupt the fat and prevent the appearance of new ones.

The developed technology may also be used in the field of housing for cleaning pipes, boilers and other units at CHP.

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