In Omsk, made two hovercraft for Kamchatka

Omsk enterprise "SibVPKNeftegaz" manufactured a two-ship amphibious hovercraft "Arctic 2DK" for the Government of the Kamchatka Krai.

  • Arctic-2D
  • Arctic-2D

According to the deputy chairman of the regional government of Sergey Pakhomov, ships will be delivered in the framework of the program "Development of the Far East and Trans-Baikal to 2013"

The contract amount — more than 25 million rubles.

Court actually help address issues of transport accessibility of many localities of Kamchatka, especially in the north of the province, in the tundra and wetlands. Amphibians are able to overcome up to 1 thousand km, while they can be used during the fall or spring break. The "Arctic" are not necessary piers, runways and platforms.

With all kinds of load-terrain vehicle on an air cushion "Arctic" may be used at any time of the day in the waters of large and small rivers, lakes, coastal belt of the seas, in the marshes, tundra, forest glades and winter roads throughout the year, including the off-season .

"With the delivery of" Arctic "on the Kamchatka difficulties will arise. Court will be shipped in 20-foot containers and in November will come to Kamchatka "- said the Deputy Prime Minister of the region.

Competition for the production of these machines was conducted by the Ministry of Transport of the Kamchatka region in late 2011. During the period of warranty of the manufacturer of the Omsk to Kamchatka will be coming professionals for advice and troubleshoot problems. Along with the machines arrive and drivers who will not only work, but also to have the experience to potential Kamchatka changer.

"This powerful and passable technique is very popular in our province, where the problem of transportation to remote and inaccessible areas remains valid, and we are ready to continue working in this direction," — Pakhomov said.

The cabin and the driver safely insulated, have double glazing, protected from noise and air auxiliary heater and independent power.

For safe operation in rough terrain, all-terrain vehicle equipped with the device (elastic airbrake) liaise with the support surface (water, snow, swamp). This device keeps the car from skidding on cornering, on slopes, while driving along the winding rivers and ice roads, and provides efficient braking on downhill and turn the machine on the spot.

To improve handling when driving on winter roads and forest glades with steep ascents, descents and turns, all-terrain vehicle equipped with a retractable (aircraft type) wheeled chassis. Wheel drive chassis and driven synchronously with the rotation of air rudders /


Total weight is 6600 kg

Dry weight 4200 kg

Length of 10.4 m

Width of 4.6 m

The height of 3.6 meters.

Transport: length 10.4 m, width 2.4 m, height of 1.85 meters.

Capacity: 14 people, and 500 kg of cargo or 2 people and 2,000 kg of cargo.

Engine power 500 hp.

The maximum speed of 120 km / h

above the snow, land and ice up to 120 km / h;

pure water up to 80 km / h;

over a marsh overgrown with grass, reeds and rare low shrub up to 70 km / h.

Engine: liquid-cooled diesel engine

Diesel fuel: the DL, DZ, YES.

Fuel consumption at a speed of 100 km / h, more than 39 liters / hour.

Power reserve of not less than 12 hours,

Range up to 1100 kilometers,

Fuel capacity of 500 liters.

Maximum wave height of 1.2 meters.

Steepness of the climb to 24about

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