In Omsk, open complex scientific and innovative educational resource centers

November 29 Omsk State Technical University presented a range of innovative research and educational resource centers: nanotechnology, energy efficiency and security.

Over the past few years in the Omsk region there are several general and specialized resource centers of professional education in the field of mechanical engineering, electronics, construction, agriculture and petrochemicals.

In particular, the composition of the Omsk State Technical University has successfully carried out the work of the four training centers:

OmGTU-Festo, which is engaged in the training of specialists in the field of automated manufacturing and robotics,
"Engineering", where specialists are trained and working with "OMO name Baranova"
"Technology and Instrumentation", which develops and manufactures civilian products in collaboration with JSC "ONIIP"
"Aerospace and aviation technology", which functions with the participation of EDO software "Flight" in the design and manufacture of microsatellites.

The scientific potential Resource Center for Nanotechnology so high that it can conduct research on modern analytical equipment. In parallel with the theory of the students master the practice, and in the home university in the center of Siberia, not in the capital.

In addition the Minister of Economy of the Omsk region, Igor Muraev in Moscow, met with the Chairman of the Management Board of JSC "RUSNANO" Anatoly Chubais. The workshop leaders discussed the current results of the interaction and cooperation prospects Omsk region and JSC "RUSNANO", dynamics and quality aimed at JSC "RUSNANO" applications from the Omsk region to co-finance projects and tasks continue to work for the period up to 2015.

Resource Center for Information Technology as relevant. Thus, the implementation of "e-government", which aims to transfer the provision of public services to the population in the on-line, requires developments in the field of information, which are maintained in OmGTU.

Research and Education Centre for Energy Efficiency already proved that in Omsk is now possible to link science and industry in a "node". The center will work on the equipment Omsk NGO "Peace" and prepare for the enterprise, professionals who do not have to worry about their employment.

Also the center will be the proving ground for testing different devices and specialized software, developed jointly with the specialists of "Peace."

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